Metrology and quality

In order to meet the quality standards required in the sectors in which we operate, we use cutting-edge measuring equipment to ensure maximum quality and precision in all our manufactured products.

We have a three-dimensional ABERLINK CNC machine, equipped with state-of-the-art software and a multi-position angle head, perfectly insulated in an air-conditioned room at a temperature of 20ºC.

EGILE continuously invests in control equipment in order to guarantee the most demanding levels and, consequently, always satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

We also offer metrology service for the verification of prototypes, first parts…

The system of quality assurance implemented in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and endorsed by the Registered Company Certificate complements the security and trust of our customers, the first step towards continuous improvement.

From the point of view of product and service quality, our motto is to assure our customers that the product they have purchased has been made to the desired level of quality and meets all applicable requirements and/or standards.

Quality management takes priority over other aspects of business management.